Sunday 21 April 2019
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About IMPASCO Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO), a subsidiary of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), is the leading holding skilled company in Iran, as well as in the world to supply minerals.
IMPASCO, with an extensive body of managers and experts is the policy-maker and has the leading role in the field of ferrous and non-ferrous Mines. IMPASCO plays an important role in the national production of Metallurgic Coke, Iron Ore, Gold, Ferrochrome, Nepheline Syenite, Phosphate, Limestone, Potash, Titanium, Lead and Zinc.
Central Alborz Coal Company The history of activities in the Central Alborz area, with more than 30,000 square kilometers, goes back to 78 years ago.
Yazd-Iran Mineral Research Center According to investigation and research policy of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in the field of exploration, extraction and production of minerals and mining industries, this center is built up in yazd province in an area of 30 hectars.
Khor & Biabanak Potash Complex Existence of different minerals in the combination of brine playas of khor and Biabanak, which is worth millions of dollars, value is the most important reason for implementation and execution of potash project in this area.
Kaleybar Nepheline Syenite Complex Kaleybar Nepheline Syenite Mine is the largest extracted nepheline-containing mass in the country, covers an area of 100 sequence kilometre and is located to the south of Kaleybar, a town in Eastern Azerbaijan Province.
Nakhlak Lead Complex Nakhlak Lead Complex has a history of 2500 years which is one of the oldest Underground mines in the country, and lies on the side-line of the Central Desert in Iran.
Joghatai Ferrochrome Complex Joghatai Ferrochrome Complex is known as the country’s largest producer of Ferrochrome. The purpose behind the establishment of the Complex is to create value added on the Minerals, currency saving and creating job opportunities.
Pirbakran Limestone Complex Pirbakran Limestone Complex has been providing the major part of lime needed for Isfahan Steel Company, as well as other steel-making companies, Metallurgic Cement and other industries for four decades.
Sefidabeh Antimony Complex Sefidabeh Antimony Complex is in operation to produce Antimony concentrate with the grade of26 to 32 percent to finally produce Antimony ingots. Primary excavations of the Mine revealed a deposit of over 5465 tons, with the grade of 37 percent.
Zarand Coke Making Complex Zarand Coke making Complex is the country’s second metallurgic Coke Plant, and its production was started in 2007. The Complex, incorporating world’s latest technology, has the annual production capacity of400,000 tons of coke.
Moueh Gold Complex Mouteh Gold Complex is the first extracting, processing and producing Complex for the pure gold ingots in the country.The company has been able to totally domesticize the Australian BHP technical knowledge. The Mine covers 150km consisting 9 areas.
Angouran Lead and Zinc Complex Angouran Lead and Zinc Mine is one of the oldest mines of the country which has been productive through the history, but the modern way of its extraction dates back to 1960s.